A standard of excellence. A heritage of success.

The core Duquesne Fund Services team came together in 2000 as an integral part of one of the most successful hedge funds in history. When the fund closed in 2010, the core team stayed together, and used the approach and technology they perfected, to serve a select group of hedge funds and family offices that expect a sophisticated and trusted partner.

Intellectual capital

The tenure and deep experience of our professionals is a meaningful differentiator in today’s fund administration industry. Broad knowledge of industry dynamics, market and technology innovation, and the ever-changing regulatory landscape drives continual intellectual growth. This is a key strength we bring to each challenge.

Culture of client centricity

Duquesne has purposefully assembled complementary service and technology teams with cross-functional proficiencies to provide maximum synergy and continuity for our clients. This is further evidenced by our fully onshore business operation, in New York City and Pittsburgh, which we find essential to oversight and engagement.

Kirk Williamson

Having built a successful 30 year career in the investment management, prime brokerage and fund administration arenas, Kirk joined Duquesne Fund Services in 2016.  He leverages his leadership experience in building and supporting investment-related products, along with a passion for solving new challenges, to ensure the entire Duquesne Fund Services team is focused on the delivery of robust client-centric solutions.

Jamie Medved
Chief Financial Officer

Jamie leads a team of experienced CPAs responsible for financial, tax and investor reporting for Duquesne’s clients. She serves as a trusted advisor to client partners and has been instrumental in developing Duquesne’s proprietary approach to partnership accounting. She joined Duquesne Capital Management in 1998 as Controller, assuming the role of CFO at Duquesne Fund Services in 2011. Jamie is a CPA.

Chris Durbin
Managing Director, Fund Operations

Starting at Duquesne Capital Management in 2001, Chris assumed his current role at Duquesne Fund Services in 2011. His 20+ years of hedge fund operations experience, and broad remit over those years, has helped him craft a team of operational specialists who own the middle and back office, treasury services, and exposure reporting for Duquesne’s clients. Chris is a CPA.

David High
General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

Dave oversees the breadth of Duquesne’s legal affairs, including corporate governance and intellectual property. He joined Duquesne in 2011 from a large-firm corporate and securities law practice, and also leads Duquesne’s robust internal compliance program and human resource function. Dave supports client funds in their compliance efforts, including investor due diligence.  Dave has been practicing law for 36 years.

Brett Styles
Managing Director, Technology

Brett joined Duquesne Capital Management in 2002 as a software engineer. He was a key contributor to the development of Duquesne Fund Services’ proprietary platform, and took over as the head of the Technology group in 2011. Brett leads an expert staff of software, system, security and network engineers all dedicated to providing an innovative, stable, and protected technology platform.

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